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College Scouting Services: Classes

Collegiate Scouting Services

APA offers a high-level advanced college scouting program that helps make the process of recruiting future athletes cost-effective and painless.  With over 15 years of collegiate recruiting experience, APA provides an evaluation of players that is second to none and applies directly to your program.  Our staff can put together a comprehensive review about a player's physical, technical, tactical, physiological and social abilities.  These evaluations are specific to your level and style of play so just let us know who to watch and we'll report back on if they'd be a good fit for your squad.

APA understands that getting to tournaments across the country can be difficult and expensive.  Our staff will evaluate up to 10 players at a single event and do the traveling for you.  Ever want to travel to the west coast but can’t because of recruiting budgets?  Want to visit a tournament but it is the same weekend as another?  With APA's help, we can have you covered!

For more information or to book us for an event, click the link below and start recruiting with APA today!

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