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Dominating The 1V1 Clinic

Spring Session SOLD OUT


The game of soccer, regardless of age, can be broken down into a 1v1 situation at any point during a match.  Outplaying your opponent is the objective of every player.  Being able to dominate your opponent 1v1 is the foundation of all great footballers! 

Our Dominating the 1v1 clinic is a 6-week program that is designed to push players out of their comfort zones and as a result, they can act instinctually on the field to elude pressure or beat their opponent in any area of the field. 

This program is designed to give players the confidence on the ball to beat players with change of speed or direction as well as using feints to get beyond their opponent. 

Each week players will warm up with ball mastery techniques.  They will then work on stops and starts as well as feints and changes of speed.  All sessions will end with small group play.  By designing our sessions to include repetition as well as increasing difficulty and pressure, we ensure that players develop the skills they need to become better in all 1v1 situations.

This supplementary 6-week program is a great way for players to get hundreds of extra touches on the ball in a very technical environment that is different from their team training sessions.  All players will also receive an APA t-shirt.

Dominating the 1V1 Clinic: Classes
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