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A Little About Us

Since 2005, I have been a professional coach. For the last 15 years I have coached athletes at the college level, professional level and elite youth level.  Serving as a college coach for more than a decade, I understand how pivotal sports performance is when it comes to an athletes play on the field.  Seeing my athletes perform better because of proper nutrition, recovery, and proper training off the field is the reason for the creation of Athlete Performance Academy (APA).

I’m elated to begin offering the APA training experience to a wider audience through my networks of associates in the local community so that together we can help introduce more athletes to a proper training routine so they can excel in sports or lead a healthy functional life.  My biggest passion is seeing athletes succeed at all levels of competition and I pride myself in developing the young men and women of the future.

There are some fantastic athletes out there who might just slip through the cracks. We may lose them because they’re not getting the right support for their physical development early enough.  APA’s expertise is in knowing what steps to take to introduce an athlete into a training program which is both safe and enjoyable.


ISSA S&C coach


AFPA Sports Nutritionist 

Certified MGCP

Speed Agility and Quickness instructor

Functional Fitness Coach

Kettlebell Instructor

Science of Sport Coach

Soccer Coaching Licenses from USC, USSF and Coerver Coaching

About: About Me

The APA Philosophy on Performance Training

Improve athletic performance by simulating real sports actions

Efficiently build power, strength, endurance, explosiveness and speed

Utilize sports nutrition techniques for your specific needs as an athlete

Move more efficiently, increasing your athletic ability while decreasing your chance of injury on the field

About: My Experience
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