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High School/College SAP Program

Current Session is SOLD OUT


In field sports, conquering the game oftentimes circles back to the ability to move fast and compete with serious speed and explosiveness. Moving quickly creates better opportunities and better situations during a competitive environment.

Our 8-week Speed, agility and Power (SAP) program will help sculpt you into a complete athlete that is able to handle every situation on the field.  We use plyometric, resistance and functional training designed for field sports as well as SAQ and technique drills to ensure that the athlete is strong, explosive and incredibly fast.  We will also introduce sports nutrition so that our athletes can fuel their bodies before, during and after competition.

Space is limited. We only accept 16 athletes per 8-week session. We are looking for dedicated athletes that are committed to becoming the best version of themselves on the field. 

SAP Program: Classes
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